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Acrylic Nail Art Ideas for Summer

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Summer is still the season to have some fun not just with your outfit but with your nails too. Nail art is an ongoing trend in the beauty industry and women can’t just get enough of the fancy details that make their nails eye-catching. The best thing about nail arts is that they can give your nails that extra boost and if you want to make yours stand out this summer, here are some acrylic nail art ideas for you to try.

Pink and Yellow. Colors should be vibrant during the summer so make your nails pop by sporting some pink and yellow acrylic nails. After you have finished applying your acrylic nails, paint two or three of your nails in each hand with pink while the rest are yellow. Allow the nail polish to dry. Use some yellow glitters and apply them on the end of one pink nail on each hand. You can add gems to one of your nails too to make it pop out. Don’t forget to add clear top coat to seal in the colors.

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Black and Gold Glitter. This acrylic nail art is guaranteed to be a head turner as the gold glitter on black nail polish can make every gesture irresistible.  After you have applied your base coat, you should apply your black nail polish and allow it to dry. Gold glitters come next once the black polish has dried. You can concentrate most of the glitters on the ends of your nails while adding more to one of your nails as if you accidentally spilled more glitters on the surface. Apply top coat afterwards and you’re done.

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Matte. Matte nail polish on acrylic nails can complement your summer outfit easily. It’s just a matter of finding the right matte color to suit your outfit for the week. Start with the base coat to protect your acrylic nails and, once it has dried, apply your matte polish. You can paint your entire nails with your choice of matte or paint one nail with a different design like zigzag and such. Once the polish has dried, you can add some bling to your nails. Add one or two jewels on the edge of your nails near your cuticle bed to create some shine.

Dainty and Feminine. How about some flowers on your nails in time for summer? Dainty and feminine nails are just perfect and will look absolutely great with your summer outfit. Start with the base coat first for your acrylic nails then apply white nail polish on the ends. Once it has dried, the details should be next. Draw some roses and leaves on your nails. You can put the flowers in any way you like. Apply the top coat afterwards.

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Barbie Glam. Channel your inner Barbie by adding some glitter and glamor to your nails. Base coat should be first, then apply clear polish. Add white nail polish on your pointing finger. For your index finger, place the glitters on the edge of your nail, while the ring finger will do well with a splash of glitter in the center. The middle finger can have glitters spread from one end to the next. Apply top coat to finish your nails.

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These are just a few suggestions on what nail art design to use come the summer. Have fun with your choice of colors and nail art designs for your acrylic nails and you’ll definitely get impressive results with your nails in no time.

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