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A Professional’s Guide to Maintaining Your Brows

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One of the most prominent feature in our face is our eyebrow. If you see one of those photo-shopped pictures of celebrities without their eyebrows, you’ll realize how much it can do for your appearance. Some people really are all about their eyebrows.

Most people know how complicated it is to manage and fix eyebrows. One eyebrow
can naturally arch and one can have less of a shape and hair than thither. We really need to spend a lot of attention, time and money to properly maintain our brows. Leaving your eyebrows as is, just for a few days can cause you to lose the shape of your brows and make you reshape them again.

The sudden emphasis on our brows to be perfectly filled, neat and shaped, is causing people to shell out money to keep it on point. There are now shading semi-permanent tattoo brows, different types of hair removal methods, brow shaping outlines and so on.

To help us better understand the process of shaping the brows sand the proper maintenance. We’ve asked a few experts to put in their two cents on the topic. From basic eyebrow brushing to using the right products, below are the professional guide to maintaining your brows.

Brushing Eyebrows

Before you start brushing your brow. Consider the professional rules of brow brushing to get the best brow shape. A common mistake that people make is brushing their brows in an unnatural shape and using this shape as a guide when they draw their brow or pluck. The best way to brush your brow is to look at your hairs natural hair growth. When the hair growth is upward, brush it upward. When the hair growth is a bit angled, brush it in that direction. Any excess hair should be trimmed with a sharp brow trimmer. The whole idea of the rules is to get fuller and natural looking brows. This is a more flattering,
young and professional look for your eyebrows. Brows that are overly brushed tend to
appear fake and distracting. Your brows should be able to accentuate your facial features not over power it. Anything too thin can make you look angry or confused anything too heavy can bring down your eyes.

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Hair Growth

Our eyebrows have a hair growth cycle pretty much the same as the hair growth on your head. The best way to properly maintain your eyebrow is to identify your brow’s hair growth. If you’ve managed to mess your eyebrow, avoid plucking or shaving for at least half a year. This will help you identify the speed of your hair growth and what it actually looks like naturally. This can help you determine the shape that can adapt to your natural brows. Shaping it in accordance with the natural hair growth can help save you time from over plucking and shaping. Simply brushing the brows is enough to give it its shape. So, if you’re patient enough to see your natural brows, then give this tip a try.

Shaping Techniques

There are different methods and techniques to brow shaping. There is waxing, threading and plucking. Threading and waxing is a great way to remove a lot of hair in one motion, though this can be a bit inaccurate; especially in an area where precision is required. The best shaping technique for your eyebrows will always be plucking. One hair can mess up your whole brow. So make the effort and pluck your brows one at a time. Combine plucking with eyebrow trimmers. Like the brow brushing tip, brush your hair towards its natural hair growth and trim anything that exceeds the shape you want.

The Products to Use

There are a lot of eyebrow products you can use. From gels, powders, pencils and liquid. Professionals would recommend brow pencils for beginners. This gives off a more natural and longer lasting brow. Once you’ve filled your brows, use a small brow brush or spooley to soften the look. Brush the color upward to create a natural fade. If you pretty much mastered applying your brows, try using gels, liquid and powder products. These products can be a bit unforgiving, but in the right hands can look immaculate.

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Remember when picking your products, consider your natural eyebrow color. Blending the colors in your brows need to look natural and soft. Using shades that are too dark can make the brows look harsh and anything too light looks unnatural. Another important
thing to consider is to be careful with plucking your eyebrows. Tweezing the wrong hair can be difficult. This might take than a few weeks for the hair to
grow properly and at times the hair doesn’t grow back at all.

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