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5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Bananas

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Are you looking for a healthy snack to fill you up in between meals? If you’re a fruit lover then getting your hands on some bananas is actually recommended because this yellow colored fruit is packing quite a lot of health benefits that you’ll surely enjoy. Regardless of whether you are looking for a snack that will help you get more energy, improve how you look and how you feel, or just to boost your overall health, bananas are definitely one of the best fruits that you can snack on.

Top Benefits of Bananas

  1. It contains plenty of potassium. Banana is considered to be one of the best sources of potassium which helps with regulating blood pressure and boost heart function. There have already been numerous studies on the efficacy of eating bananas when it comes to reducing one’s high blood pressure. Other studies show that eating bananas on a regular basis can actually decrease your risk of stroke by 40%. What’s more, the potassium found in bananas is important for your bones and kidneys.
  2. Improve your digestion. Another benefit that you can gain from eating bananas is getting plenty of insoluble as well as soluble fiber. Fiber is a valuable nutrient for your body because it is responsible for slowing down your digestion, making you feel fuller for longer periods of time. If you’re trying to lose weight, adding this fruit to your diet is highly recommended because you won’t be tempted to gorging down food.
  3. Has plenty of vitamin B6. Another reason why it is always good to snack on bananas is the fact that they contain plenty of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is important for the creation of hemoglobin to make your blood healthier. This vitamin is also responsible for regulating blood sugar levels as well as breaking down and synthesizing amino acids, not to mention produce antibodies that are needed to help your immune system become stronger.
  4. Increase athletic performance. You’ve probably noticed athletes eating bananas when they’re taking a break. Here’s the reason why. Bananas are actually helpful when it comes to boosting your muscles as they increase the antioxidants in your body including other nutrients in a natural way. One study showed that eating half of a banana every 15 minutes during a cycling time is actually much better compared to drinking sports drink at the same time.
  5. Stress reliever. Too much stress at home or at work? Eating bananas can do you a world of good as this fruit is actually a good source of tryptophan which is a type of amino acid that is being converted into serotonin by your body. When your serotonin levels are balanced, you will have better mood, less stress, and your happiness levels will increase too. What’s more, bananas are found to be effective when it comes to regulating sleep patterns.
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It’s no wonder why many health and fitness experts recommend that you eat bananas regularly. With its numerous benefits, you won’t be sorry for including it in your regular diet.

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