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Best Nail Looks For Fall

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It seems like the overly embellished, long acrylic and architectural nail designs are out for the season. Simple and chic are the new in style in nails this fall. Take off those long acrylic nails and let us try these new fall nail looks for ourselves.

Simple and Sweet

The nails are shaped with a rounded edge and painted with simple dark colors. A noticeable nail color trend for fall is deep purples, pale pinks, peachy flesh tones, nudes, cherry red, punchy pink and pepper red.

Framed Nail Art or Band Nail Art

Best Nail Looks For Fall

This nail art was done by the famous Deborah Lippmann. She created a simple nail art design with khaki colored nail polish as the base color of the nail and outlined the whole nail with gold, silver or white nail polish. This is a great professional looking nail art design that anybody can pull off.

Items: 2 nail polishes, one for the base color and one for the outline. A small nail art brush. Nail polish remover. Cotton balls. Clear nail polish.

Apply your base color on your nails and wait for it to dry. Make sure that the nails are dry before applying the outline to avoid smudging. Create a thin line with the outline nail polish on the whole nail creating a frame like or border appearance on the nails with the small nail art brush. A tip to make the line more precise is to move the nail itself not the brush. Before applying another band clean the nail art brush with nail polish remover and rubbing it in the cotton ball, before dipping it in the nail polish. This will make help keep your lines clean. Apply the band on the whole nail and let it dry. Once dry, top with clear nail polish.

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Peek-a-boo Nail color

File your nails into an oval shape, this shape is best to show off the design of this nail art. This is one of the simple nail art to come out this season. This was used in multiple runways and magazines. A strong colored base coat was applied on the nails and topped with a color close to it but softer. The second color mostly covered the base color except near the cuticles. This created a shadow like appearance of the nails.

– 2 Nail polish, one as a strong base color and one as the top color (For example dark cherry red base color with peach powdery pink top color).
– Clear nail polish

Apply your base colors on the nail and wait for it to dry. Apply a layer of the top color before the cuticles. Make sure that there is not a huge space for the base color to be seen, the base should only appear as a shadow or a sliver of dark colors. Wait for everything to dry before applying a clear coat of nail polish. If you’re having a hard time balancing out the colors on the nail apply tape on the sides of the cuticle when the base color dries, then apply the top coat. Avoid colors that contradict each other, such as red and green or violet and orange.

Broken Mirror Nail Art

Best Nail Looks For Fall

Sparkles, glitters and shimmers are back! The broken mirror or shattered glass nail art effect is beautiful, fun and elegant. It is very simple, no need for complicated nail designs or materials. This design was created by applying a gray base coat and topped with silver sparkles and shimmer nail polish. Easy!

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– Gray nail polish
– Silver shimmer nail polish
– Clear coat nail polish

Apply the silver base coat and wait for it to dry before applying the shimmer nail polish. You can apply multiple coats of the shimmer nail polish to create the broken glass effect. When everything is dry, apply the clear coat nail polish to keep everything in place. If you do not manage to find a silver shimmer nail polish you can opt for your DIY craft store silver shimmers. Dip in your clear nail polish brush in the shimmer before applying on top of the nails to create the effect. You can alter this look by changing the base gray to blue with metallic blue glitter or shimmer.

Some worthy honorable mentions to nail art looks for fall is the half-moon design seen in multiple fashion shows in Paris. This was created by creating a half circle or “half-moon” on the base cuticle of the nail. You can get this look by applying a circular tape or sticker on the middle of your nail base and skin before coloring it with your choice of color. The Vampire inspired nails, this is simply long and almond shaped nails colored with blood red colors.

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