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Tips on Reducing Veins in the Hands

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It’s not just those wrinkles on your face that can reveal your actual age, but also those veins in your hands. Unless you put on a pair of gloves all the time, it can be very easy for anyone to guess how old you are by means of your hands. Certainly for an age- and a beauty-conscious woman, having lots of veins in the hands can be bothersome.

While there are a handful of procedures that a cosmetic surgeon may carry out just to get those veins in your hands look less noticeable, each one of those do not come cheap.

Luckily, there are so many other things that you may try doing aside from consulting a cosmetic surgeon just to make your hands appear more youthful. They may not produce instant and dramatic results, but they can help shave off some years on your hands, especially if you perform them on a regular basis.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some all-natural remedies for those unsightly veins in the hands:

Witch Hazel

Known for its superb astringent properties, witch hazel is very good at shrinking the size of those veins in your hands. It’s important for you to apply it on a regular basis for superb results. You may also simply opt for hand lotion that contains witch hazel to moisturize your hands and at the same time shrink those veins.

Cypress Essential Oil

Making cypress essential oil an excellent reducer of those veins in the hands is the fact that it helps improve circulation. As a result, blood is kept from pooling in those blood vessels situated in your hand. Prior to application, dilute cypress essential oil with your preferred carrier oil. Coriander, ginger, cumin and black pepper essential oils work, too!

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Vitamin C

One of the reasons why veins in the hands appear as you age is the reduction in collagen, a substance that makes your skin tight and firm. Your body needs vitamin C for optimum collagen production, and that’s why you should include in your diet vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers, kiwis, papayas, guavas and oranges.

Ample Sunscreen

It’s also a wonderful idea for you to generously apply sunscreen on your hands if you want to reduce the appearance of veins on them. Aside from the process of aging, sun damage is also another reason why collagen depletion happens. When heading out during the day, reach for a bottle of sunscreen and apply.

Paraffin Wax

So many age- and beauty-conscious women swear by the effectiveness of paraffin wax treatments in reducing veins in the hands and also for making the hands look younger in general. Aside from getting such treatment at a local beauty salon or spa, you may also get your hands on at-home paraffin wax products.

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