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Consume These Herbal Teas to Put an End to Bloating

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Bad eating habits, food allergies, constipation, PMS, stress, anxiety — all of these can cause gas to collect in the abdominal region, causing one of the most uncomfortable bodily issues known to man: bloating.

What makes bloating really pestering is the fact that it’s not just pain in the midsection that is present, but also the likes of inability to burp or pass gas, as well as nausea and even vomiting in certain instances. This doesn’t really come as a surprise because a lot of your vital organs get compressed when there’s excessive gas in your belly.

Fortunately, much of the common causes of bloating require you to do only a few dietary and lifestyle changes — being successful at that lets lead a life that’s free of the annoying symptoms of bloating.

Just in case bloating is bothering you because you failed to turn your back on three slices of pepperoni pizza or was unsuccessful at keeping your anxiety or stress in check, fret not. That’s because there are numerous home remedies for it, and some of the most effective ones are herbal teas. The following are some of the best for the job:

Chamomile Tea

Although it is well-known all across the globe as a remedy for anxiety and insomnia, chamomile tea is also actually a superb fighter of bloating. Plant compounds present in every serving of chamomile tea is known to relax those smooth muscles of the digestive system, thus allowing you to enjoy reprieve from the pain and cramping sensation.

Fennel Tea

Based on studies, oils found in fennel are very good at facilitating the movement of food along the GI tract, and this is why the consumption of the herb in tea form is an excellent home remedy for bloating. And just like chamomile tea, fennel tea is capable of saving you from the abdominal pain and cramps that bloating is known to bring.

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Lemon Balm Tea

So many people brew a cup of lemon balm tea whenever they’re pestered by acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If you are suffering from bloating, you may take the same herbal drink — the antispasmodic properties of lemon balm tea can help put an end to bloating and the uncomfortable symptoms it comes with ASAP.

Ginger Tea

Another very common herbal remedy for both acid reflux and GERD is ginger tea. And just like lemon balm tea, it’s also something that may be taken by those who feel bloated. By the way, ginger tea is a remedy for many other problems related to the GI tract, such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting and irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

Marshmallow Tea

Lots of people battling a sore throat take marshmallow tea to attain relief because it has mucilage content, which coats the larynx and thus keeping it from further irritation. The mucilage content of marshmallow root tea is also the reason why

The herbal beverage is good for dealing with a variety of GI issues, and bloating is one of those.

Slippery Elm Tea

One more all-natural beverage that has mucilage content is slippery elm tea, and that’s why you may also consume a cup of it whenever you are being bugged by bloating and its many bothersome symptoms. Individuals who are suffering from leaky gut syndrome may also benefit tremendously from the intake of slippery elm tea.

Hibiscus Tea

Just because hibiscus tea possesses a lovely red color doesn’t mean that it’s not good for some very serious tummy issues. Did you know that it’s a phenomenal fighter of bloating because the compounds present in it are capable of getting rid of excess gas as well as water in the GI tract, thus relieving the unpleasant symptoms of bloating?

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Dandelion Tea

Last but not least, you may brew yourself a cup of dandelion tea if you are being bothered by bloating. By the way, this herbal beverage may also be consumed if you are suffering from indigestion. Herbalists say that dandelion tea is actually very good at cleaning the kidneys and lowering a person’s risk of having a urinary tract infection or UTI.

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